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Shoulder External Rotation of Different Pitches Using Motus Sleeves

December 22, 2017

Cerro Coso CC Shoulder External Rotation of Pitches


One of the things we saw using the weighted ball velo program was the constant external rotation for each pitch of the guys we ran tests on. Using the weighted balls didn’t give us more external rotation than some may note that they do. This is a widely covered topic about weighted balls and why they cause injuries. We tracked and found out otherwise. This was tracked during a 90-100% intent mound velo bullpen. Intent creates feel.


Average stress of the Elbow with Weighted Ball Pulldowns

  3oz        4oz        5oz        6oz        7oz

68 Nm   66 Nm    65 Nm    49 Nm   52Nm


*Nm is Neuton meters


Motus defines arm stress as a measure of the peak torque (Nm) placed on the UCL during the pitch near the time of maximum shoulder rotation. A high torque measure is not a good sign. They suggest that the range should be between, 37-70 Nm, during high effort throws.

Weighted balls had an average stress of 50.5 Nm for pulldowns. The reason for an increase of Nm stress on the underload balls was the big difference in arm speed for our guys. Using the Weighted Ball Long Toss, we had an average arm stress of 60 Nm.


11 oz (Scap Retraction)    9 oz (Scap Retraction)   7 oz (Rocker Throw)   6 oz (Roll-in Throw)

90 ft. – 10                      120 ft. 5-10                  150-180 ft 5-10          200-220 ft 5-10

58 Nm                           66 Nm                          54 Nm                       62 Nm


Athlete      Fastball     Changeup     Slider     Curveball

1              179          179              181        180

2              182          182              184        184

3              163          163              N/A        159

4              160          161              N/A        162

5              158          157              160        N/A

6              152          152              151        151

7              159          159              161        160

*All measurements are in degrees


One of the things we wanted to gather data on was the external rotation, elbow stress, along with arm slot change. We wanted to make sure we assessed our strength and mobility before picking up a baseball having done that with lifts such as:

Heavy bench press

Speed bench press

Heavy deadlift

Speed deadlifts

Variations of squats

Pigeon stretch

Lying hip rotations

Kneeling lunge with elbow on ground

Squatting internal rotations


Having done that we had an average increase of 15 lbs. per athlete as well as 38 lbs. and 77 lbs. increase on bench press and deadlift. We measured shoulder external rotation pre and post to see the change we got and these were the results:

Pre to post shoulder external rotation: 1.7 degrees

Pre to post WB pulldown elbow stress: 2.9 Nm


One of the things we noticed was that the shoulder external rotation changed an average of 1.7 degrees from pre weighted ball training until post. We had zero arm injuries during the fall with no athlete having an altered arm slot. Here are some final averages of run and guns velocity for the fall as well.



5oz. - 92.8 Top - 101

6oz. - 89.5 Top - 95.6

7oz. - 86.1 Top - 90.3

4oz. - 94.5 Top - 102.4

3oz. - 97.9 Top - 106.3



5oz. - 89.4 Top - 98.1

6oz. - 87.5 Top - 93.3

7oz. - 84.8 Top - 88.6

4oz. - 92.5 Top - 100.8

3oz. - 95.1 Top - 102.7


Pat Robles (@patrobles_) is the pitching coach at Cerro Coso Community College.


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December 26, 2017

December 22, 2017

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