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Laws of the Jungle

January 4, 2018

Could you survive in the jungle using ONLY your current:

  • Skills

  • Abilities

  • Mindset

Sure it's a strange question..


But you get those crazy thoughts once pitching turns from passion to obsession...


Anyways, here’s why I ask. 


It's 11:30 and me and the kids just finished watching one of those predator/prey shows filmed out in the wild plains of Africa.


You know which one I'm talking about....


The ones being documented by the British dude while the cheetahs chasing the Impalas and the Nile Crocs jumping outta the water in slow motion trying to take down the wildebeest..




So now you know why I asked you the question earlier...


'If you had to survive in the jungle using only the skills/abilities and MINDset you're known for on the mound...Would you be shown as the predator or the prey?" 


Think about what separates the predator from the prey in the Laws of the Jungle.


Jungle facts delivered with a British accent...

  • Most predators (big cats) fail 6 out of every 7 attempts.

  • The hunger of the prey (Wildebeest) go months without water and their HUNGER outweighs their FEAR of the Nile croc.

  • A cheetah can run up to 70 mph but only for short bursts.


So, let's see where you stand so far.

  1. Are you willing to fail 6 out of every 7 times while attempting to master even the basic skill of hunting?

  2. Does your Hunger outweigh your Fear?

Sad to say but some you just got gobbled up before I even get to the cool stuff.




To all you survivors still with me, let's keep going but before we do, let's flashback for a second.


Early in the show, one of my kids asks...


"Why does that dumb cheetah just stay in the grass while all the animals he's trying to eat are out in the open field?"


Instead of me answering that question first, I'll ask you a question...

  • Are you the roided up looking cheetah lying in wait in the brush or...

  • Are you the desperate one out wasting energy, going against your strengths while chasing anything and everything ?

Hmmm.... ??


You see there's a reason the ones lying in wait look are all jacked up and answer to Alpha Male… 


The difference?


He will thrive longer than the other ones can even hope to survive.


Here’s what makes the Alpha the Alpha…

  • He stays within his abilities and strengths.

  • He's focused on a single goal.

  • He controls what's inside his circle of the jungle.

  • He focuses on the quality of the hunt versus the quantity..

  • He's used his God-given advantages of camouflage to his advantage.. In other words, he's comfortable in his own skin.

  • He's learned from his past failures while watching the trials and tribulations around him

  • He's focused on the process

In other words...

  1. He trusts what he FEELs.

  2. He relies on his instincts.

And at the end of the day...


That's what separates predators from prey in our game.


So, based on the Laws of the Jungle...


Would your current level of

  • Skill

  • Hunger

  • Abilities

  • Mindset

  • Mastery

  • Process

  • Trust

Label you as the predator or the prey?


Trust what you FEEL!


Lantz Wheeler


Lantz Wheeler (@LantzWheeler) is the owner of BaseballThinkTank and the inventor of the Core Velocity Belt.

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